Add Personality

Add Personality

Increase pace, quality and feel in recruiting and consulting assignments with easy-to-use and secure video presentations - Videointervjuer

More than just a CV

A video presentation adds value and completes the picture

Job applicants can easily record a short video presentation of themselves as a supplement to their CV. All they need is a webcam.

You watch and qualify the incoming presentations...

... And choose to present them to your client or colleague. You will be notified when the presentation has been viewed.

Formal qualifications and experience are all very well, but who you are and what you stand for is increasingly important when employers look for new employees to their teams.

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Easy as email

1. Job applicants or consultants record their presentation in your virtual interview room. All she needs is a web browser, a webcam and internet access.

2. You manage your video presentations on your smartphone, reading pad or computer and easily send the link to the a presentation + PIN to your customer or colleague.

3. Your customer can view the presentation via the link as long as you choose it to be published.

Secure and Available

Secure and Available

No files are sent around.

Your video presentations are stored by us and can only be displayed to you. There are no user licenses. Instead, the pricing is based on how much you use our service. Interview room integrates easily on your website and you use it in your desired way in your recruitment process.

Works on all kinds of devices

Watch the presentations on the way to work on your smartphone, present it to your customer on a reading pad or work with presentations on your PC. You and those you send presentations to choose which device you prefer!

You are the sender

You are the sender

Plug it in wherever you want in your process

Integrates easily on your website

Capture spontaneous applications or applications related to your published ads and assignments

Spread and present through your email signature

Your link to your virtual interview room and your presentation of yourself!

Record in your premises

In connection with meetings with your candidates and job seekers

It’s not a strategic decision having the ability to capture and manage video presentations. The strategic choices is in the “how”, “where” and “when” to utilize the possibilities!


No installations and no user licenses

Number of presentationsCost per month
0-501900 kr
51-2003900 kr
201-5007900 kr
501-100012900 kr
+1000Request for proposal

Pay for usage,
not per user

You pay for how much you use the service, that is, how many presentations you and your company have online - regardless of your number of users. This way, everyone in your organization have access without driving license costs.
When a presentation no longer is relevant, just delete it, and you wont pay for it. You pay monthly for the service, with one month's notice.

  • Why do we exist?

    Our mission is to help reduce unemployment by increasing the pace, quality and feel in the employment and recruitment process.

    (The above may sound pompous, we know, but we believe that personality is as important as formal knowledge and experience and we know that our services add personality in the recruitment process.)

  • How do we do it?

    A CV is, at best, a one-dimensional proper formal description of a job applicant's skills and experience.
    We add personality in the recruitment process where candidates and job seekers get a chance to express their personality, skills and experience in audio and video.
    This gives a more complete picture of the job seeker, and you can move forward more swiftly in the screening and hiring process.

  • What do we do?

    Interview Room is an easy-to-use and secure service to capture, view, send and manage video interviews of candidates and job seekers. Candidates and job seekers easily record their presentation by themselves in addition to their formal CV. You can then watch the incoming video presentations and choose which to present (internally or to your customer). No files are sent around. The presentations are stored by us and can only be displayed to you.
    We may not replace the need for the physical meetings, but we make the recruitment process more efficient. Time can be saved and the quality of the final meetings can be raised. Our service adds value to your client, whether it is your own department that is hiring or a client who hired you for recruitment or a consult assignment.
    Interview Room easily integrates on your website and is used in your desired way in your recruitment process and do not compete with your current recruitment system.

  • Who are we for?

    Interview Room is for both businesses and job seekers.
    Job applicants can freely use our service as a supplement to their written CV and can use their own video presentation in any job application situation.
    Companies in need of our service are particularly recruitment and employment agencies, companies that recruit intensively and consulting companies in need of a better way to present their consultants.

    Contact us for more information.


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